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The fun and easy way to lend money to friends and family

Whether it’s a new car, paying off some bills, or getting that little leg up to start your own business, we all need a little help sometimes. We make it easy to say ‘yes’ to helping out the ones you love. 

Be one of the first Aussies who are paying it forward with Chipkie.

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Chipkie - Friends and Family Loans Management

The platform that makes lending money easy by formalising, managing, and tracking your loans.

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Easily keep track of your repayments

Our simple dashboard helps you track in a flash. Check what's been paid, when payments are due, and how long you have to go.

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Legally binding contracts for peace of mind

Agree on your terms, and formalise the loan with a signed contract, just in case things don't go to plan.

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No awkward conversations about payments

Let us take care of the reminders and requests with our automated reminders and updates.