Helping our communities thrive through economic uncertainty

Our mission is to see our communities thrive, by helping friends and family support each other financially through hard times.

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Why We Created Chipkie

It’s tough out there. It’s tough to buy a house, upgrade your car, start a business and sometimes simply make ends meet. We get it. We’ve been there. That’s why we created Chipkie, because our family was there when we needed it most, and we couldn’t have pulled through without them.

Chipkie loan management tools

Chipkie was designed to make it easier to say yes to lending, more often

We know you love to help each other out, in fact 74% of people loaned money to friends and family in the last 12 months. But our research showed us that there were a few things holding us back from help out more. So we asked you what would make it easier, and built Chipkie to address all the concerns.

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A tool to help you track repayments seamlessly and easily

Chipkie Chatter

A place where you could have a full online record of the loan

Financial Guides

Help with the reminders and prompts so the relationship stays strong

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Put a formal contract in place

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Here’s the Straight Talk

We are in a time when our communities need more help than ever. With interest rates and cost of living on the rise, sometimes the best thing we can do is lean into the ones who love us.

That’s why 40% of first homeowners have used the support of mum and dad to purchase our first homes, moving the Bank of Mum and Dad into the 9th largest lender in the country.

We also are leaning into our friends and family more often for the little things too, like getting our car repaired, paying the bills and more. In fact over 70% of us are doing it. 

Even though times are tough, we can still get ahead with the support of our friends and family. Let’s do it!

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Why We Created Chipkie
Read why we created Chipkie. Helping Ausralian's everywhere support their communities, and thrive through economic uncertainty.
Digital Loan Management Platform - Chipkie
Digital solutions make it easier to manage and formalise and keep the relationship strong. Find out how with Chipkie.
Chipkie - Friends and Family Loans
Friends and family loans provide the interest free loans that are needed to get ahead in today's climate. Find out how Chipkie are revolutionising interest free loans.

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