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Budget-friendly Christmas Tips - Chipkie

11 Thrifty Tips for a Budget Friendly Christmas

25 Sep 2023
The silly season is upon us! But it can get real expensive, really quick. Read on for our useful tips on how to have a budget-conscious Christmas that doesn't leave you with a guilty hangover.

Guide To Using Personal Loans to Pay Off Credit Card Debt

22 Sep 2023
Considering using personal loans to pay off credit card debt fast. Check out our useful guide on the things to consider.
Wedding Budgeting Tips - Chipkie

Mastering the Art of Wedding Budgeting: Tips for a Stress-Free Celebration

15 Sep 2023
Planning for a wedding can be stressful. Read our top tips on how to budget for your wedding, so you have a beautiful day without the money stress.

Payday Loan Alternatives in Australia: Exploring Safer Options

9 Sep 2023
Payday loans might seem a convenient way to get a fast cash injection, but they often come with high fees and interest rates. Thankfully there are some great and safer alternatives. Read on to discover more.
Teaching Kids Financial Literacy - Chipkie

Top Tips For Teaching Kids About Financial Literacy

7 Sep 2023
Explore how to teach your kids financial literacy to take them into adulthood with a good relationship with money, investment and saving.
How to Write a Loan Agreement

How to Write a Loan Agreement: A Comprehensive Guide

3 Sep 2023
Considering lending money to friends and family. It's important to protect yourself by writing a loan agreement. Read our comprehensive guide on what's required in a loan agreement.

Gifts vs. Loans: Resolving Disputes in the Legal System

31 Aug 2023
Loaning money? Read on for clarity on the distinctions between gifts vs. loans and discover how courts evaluate relationships, agreements, and intentions.

The Future of Lending: The Bank of Mum and Dad

25 Aug 2023
The bank of Mum and Dad is now the 9th largest lender in Australia. Find out how its changing the game in the financial lending industry.

8 Psychological Tips for Requesting a Loan from Friends or Family

23 Aug 2023
Friends and Family Loans are a great and safe way to get a loan. But requesting a loan can be challenging. Find out how to get the best outcome, with our tips.