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We've made it easy to lend a hand to the ones we love the most. Chipkie is FREE for everyone to start using today! Plus we have some added upgrades for that extra peace of mind.

Chipkie is the ultimate toolkit you need to lend and borrow money between friends and family successfully.

Make money lending and borrowing smooth and easy with Chipkie. It’s free to access all the best bits of Chipkie. And we’ve got some cool upgrades too – like the ability to switch to automated tracking to take the mental load off managing your repayments. PLUS  purchase a completely personalised loan contract to formalise the loan and provide that extra peace of mind. Too easy!

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Free & Easy

Basic access to manage your loan is totally free! You do the tracking via Chipkie’s loan management dashboard, and we manage the communication!


Our no cost plan.
Available for the life of your loan.
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Premium Plus

Perfect for bigger or longer loans. Save on our premium automated package, PLUS we’ll throw in a personalised loan contract for FREE (Valued at $14.95)!

Save 45%


(plus $0.30 + 1.75% transaction fee)
Annual payment of $65. Auto renew in 12 months.
All of Premium plus a free contract!
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All the best of Chipkie, completely automated! Just sit back and watch the loan repayments flow.


(plus $0.30 + 1.75% transaction fee)
Billed monthly. You can cancel anytime.
Automate it all with Premium:

How automated payments work with Chipkie Premium & Premium Plus plans

Get the low-down on how Chipkie utilises the payment platform Stripe to implement super convenient automated loan payments on our Premium or Premium Plus plans!

Chipkie brings the same functionality of professional lending, to friends and family loans.

Simplified One View Loan Tracking

Our fun proprietary dashboard provides a one page view of everything you need to know about your loan including next repayment dates, how long you have left, the latest repayments that were made and more. Whether you are a lender or a borrower, you will be able to easily keep track of where you are at, any time.

Automated Loan Repayments and Tracking

For a small monthly fee, users can upgrade to automated repayments. Repayments will automatically be deducted and logged in the dashboard. So, there can be no misunderstanding on when payments are made, and no payments missed.

Automated Reminders and Updates

No one likes to have those awkward chats about money, so let us take the hassle out of that too. We’ll send reminders when repayments are due and updates when they are made. We’ll also give those all-important nudges when repayments haven’t been logged, and keep the lender updated on progress.

Formalised Contracts

Even with the best of intentions, sometimes things can go wrong. For a small one-off fee all Chipkie users can gain access to a personalised legally binding contract.

Loan Holiday Requests

Sometimes you need break to get your finances in order. Borrowers can request a loan holiday to the lender via the dashboard, with all tracking updated.

Complete History of the Loan

Keep a complete log of all payments, communication and more with a complete downloadable history of the loan for your records.

Make it official with a contract!

Ensure there are no misunderstandings with a personalised loan contract, tailored to the specific terms of your loan.  

$14.95/one-off fee

Why a contract is important in friends and family loans:
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We wanted to make it as easy as possible for friends and family to support each other, so we have made it free for all users! There are also no hidden contracts, no sneaky terms and you can close your account at any time. How good is that? 

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Get a Personalised Loan Contract for just $4.95!

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