Money lending to friends and family, done right.

Chipkie eases lending risks by formalising the loan, documenting the terms, conveniently tracking repayments, and letting you get on with maintaining your relationship by managing all the tricky chats. And best of all, it's free to start today!

Chipkie makes it easy to lend money, giving you all the good karma without the drama.

With just a few small steps, Chipkie will help you document the loan, agree on the terms together, and provide a convenient and fun way to track the loan across the loan period. PLUS, it’s free to start today!

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Number 1 How It Works

First, make sure you have all the info you need:

Before you start, make sure you and your friend or family are on the same page. Have you agreed on the terms of the loan? We also recommend seeking financial advice to ensure you can meet the needs of the loan. Whether a small or big loan, seeking independent financial advice is always a good idea.


Get started by setting up your first loan:

Create an account with Chipkie and get started. You’ll need your contact details, the other party’s details, and the agreed loan terms. That includes things like the duration of the loan, and also if there is any applicable interest.

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Get a Contract
Number 3 How It Works

Approve the loan and finalise your loan contract:

Once your loan is set up, we will send the other party a link to create their account and accept the terms. Once received, you can purchase a personalised loan agreement, tailored to your loan. This agreement formalises the loan and offers great peace of mind.

Number 4 How It Works

Log into your dashboard and get started:

Your customised dashboard is ready! Now you can start paying your loan. The dashboard will track all repayments, how many are left, when the next repayment is due and how long you have to go. Plus, all actions and communications are highlighted, just in case you missed something.  You can log payments at any time, with a mutual approval process so everyone is on the same page. 

Chipkie Dashboard
5 How It Works
Number 5 How It Works

Let us take care of all the awkward chats:

Save the dinner party chats for fun and good times. We will make all the necessary communications on your behalf, like payment reminders, confirmation of payments, and more.

Chipkie is free for everyone!

At Chipkie, it’s our mission to see your communities flourish through uncertain times. And as a country renowned for looking out for our mates, we want to make it easier to lend a hand when the people we love need it most. That’s why it’s 100% free to join, no hidden catches, no hidden fee’s. Just good Karma.

High five for Chipkie!

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