Cashback Rewards Reviews: Our 5 Top Picks for Australia

The Smart Shopper’s Guide to Cashback Rewards in Australia: 5 Top Picks

Cashback rewards sound too good to be true…but they work! These clever sites and apps let you earn money back on everyday purchases. Ready to boost your spending power? Let’s dive into the Cashback Rewards Reviews, and our 5 best options in Australia and uncover some secrets to maximising your returns.

Understanding the Magic of Cashback

Think of cashback platforms as your shopping allies. They partner with retailers, earning commission for referring customers. The magic comes in them sharing a slice of that commission with you. It’s a win-win: retailers get sales, cashback sites get paid, and you get rewarded.

To get started, you simply create a free account on your chosen platform. Some have apps, others work via browser extensions for easy access. Remember, to unlock your cashback, you always need to start your shopping journey from the cashback site. Pro tip: Disable adblockers to make sure everything tracks correctly.

Top 5 Cashback Contenders in Australia

Now, let’s explore the best of the bunch. Important note: Cashback offers change frequently, so think of these as examples to get you started.

  1. Cashrewards: The Established Giant
    • App: Yes, on iOS and Android.
    • The Scoop: Huge retailer network (2000+), average cashback around 7%, potential for exciting limited-time offers.
    • Extra Tip: Don’t be afraid to wait for sales or promos and then layer your cashback on top for maximum savings!
  2. ShopBack: Upsizes and Surprises
    • App: Yes, highly rated on iOS and Android.
    • The Scoop: Thousands of retailers, “Upsizes” for boosted short-term cashback rates, potentially great for travel and gift cards.
    • Extra Tip: Their browser extension makes it super easy to jump to ShopBack whenever you’re browsing online stores.
  3. Kickback: Focus on Local Brands
    • App: Not currently.
    • The Scoop: Solid lineup of familiar Australian stores, referral program to earn extra cash by inviting friends.
    • Extra Tip: If you love supporting homegrown businesses, Kickback could be your best bet.
  4. Boost Your Super: Saving for the Future
    • App: Not dedicated, but works with your nominated super fund.
    • The Scoop: Instead of cash in your pocket, your rewards go straight to your retirement fund. Clever way to top up super effortlessly.
    • Extra Tip: Think of this as a bonus, not your main retirement strategy. Caps on contributions still apply.
  5. Super-Rewards: Super, Simplified
    • App: Yes, on iOS and Android.
    • The Scoop: Similar concept to Boost Your Super, with a wide range of stores.
    • Extra Tip: Compare offers between these two to find the best cashback percentage for your favourite brands.

Smart Shopper Strategies

  • Never Impulse Buy: Cashback shouldn’t tempt you into unnecessary spending. Plan purchases, then look for offers.
  • Comparison Shop: Check if the retailer’s direct sale price is better than using your cashback site.
  • Stack Those Savings: Combine cashback with coupons, store loyalty programs or credit card rewards for maximum value!

Final Thought: Borrowing from Friends & Family

Financial emergencies happen. If borrowing from loved ones is necessary, transparency and a written repayment plan are vital to protect the relationship.

There you have it! Choose the platform that suits your spending habits and get ready to make your everyday purchases work harder for you.

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